Pellet Guns – Manufacturers and Models

There has been an explosion in the pellet gun industry with tons of models being offered. The tactical field is one of the latest with M4 style pellet guns and also sniper versions. Crosman is the big one with Gamo, Daisy and Umarex in the line up. Ruger has a few models too. Benjamin is still around but were bought by Crosman. They are still excellent pellet guns.

Crosman has a huge lineup of pellet guns and Airsoft guns too. Here are the various categories or types of pellet guns, remember that you can use a pistol silencer for all of these models. 


PCP  or Pre Charged Pneumatics

PCP pellet guns are guns that have an air reservoir than needs to be charged or filled with compressed air. This charged reservoir feeds compressed air to the barrel when you pull the trigger. A pre-measured amount of air is released. You can get anywhere from 16 – 25 shots per charge depending on the velocity chosen. You typically use an air pump, charging system or a scuba tank to refill the charge.

PCP charging system

PCP guns are very powerful and great for hunting or target shooting. Because they have less moving parts that a pump pellet gun, they are less prone to breakage. PCP also have the advantage of not having to pump it up after each shot. You just load another pellet and then shoot. It’s very similar to a CO2 pellet gun but with more capacity and power.

Benjamin/Crosman Marauder Pellet Gun

crosman marauder pcp gun

The Benjamin or Crosman Marauder is a high end PCP pellet gun for hunting or target shooting. It’s the “King” of pellet guns and has an excellent wood stock. The Monte Carlo stock is perfect for scope use. The Marauder is well balanced and does not feel heavy when carried in the field. The barrels is internally shrouded and choked to provide the quietest pellet gun in its class. The barrel is fully rifled and incredibly accurate. The match  grade trigger is 2 stage and adjustable. It’s smooth and positive. The marauder is magazine fed and holds 10 pellets for fast follow up shots. There is a built in air gauge so you know exactly how much air is left.

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Crosman Discovery pcp gun

The Crosman Discovery PCP Gun is a dual fueled rifle that can use PCP or CO2. A special fill adapter enables you to switch this rifle from PCP to CO2. The Discovery only requires 2,000 psi and so it is very easy to fill or charge it with a hand pump. The Discovery is a super value and competes with much more expensive European air rifles. The stock is solid wood and high quality. There is a built in air gauge so you can see when it needs recharging. The open sights are Williams  fiver optic.The trigger is smooth and positive. The barrel is fully rifles and very accurate. You can shoot 25 shots before recharging. Great value!

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Break Barrel

Break barrel pellet guns use a spring air system that compresses air when you break the barrel open and then close it. It is a single shot design that is very powerful and efficient. It is also very accurate and less expensive that PCP pellet guns.

Benjamin Trail NP Pellet gun

The Benjamin/Crosman Trail NP guns feature the new and advanced Nitro Piston 2 system. This is an all new powerplant (increase of 15%) for this rifle and really makes it shine. It is one of the most powerful air rifles available. Velocities are up to 1,200 fps. This is very close to the power of a 22 LR. The Trail also features the CBT or Clean Break Trigger. It’s smooth and positive. The new Trail features less recoil, less vibration, smoother action and a 10 lb decrease in cocking force.

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Crosman Nitro Venom pellet gun

The Nitro Venom rifle also features the advanced Nitro Piston System and is alos very powerful with a velocity of 950 fps in .22 caliber and 1,200 fps in .177 caliber. It’s available in either wood stock or synthetic. It is a fantastic pellet gun for hunting and target shooting. It has a nice rubber recoil pad, even though there is no recoil, and a muzzle brake that makes the Venom quieter than most air guns.

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Crosman Optimus pellet gun

The Crosman Optimus rifle is a great value. You get high performance at a low price. It features a hard wood stick, fiber optic sights, 2 stage trigger and a light cocking force action. Velocities are up to 1,200 fps in .177 caliber.

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Crosman Fury II Blackout pellet gun

The Fury II Blackout is a tactical pellet gun with plenty of power and a very low price tag. It features a 2 stage trigger just like the other models and a tactical pistol grip and stock.There is a storage compartment underneath the recoil pad for pellets, oil and cleaning supplies. The muzzle brake reduces the noise and makes this gun fairly quiet. The muzzle velocity is up to 1,200 fps. A 4 x 32 scope is included.

crosman titan np pellet gun

The Titan NP is another rifle featuring the Nitro Piston techology and is also very powerful with .177 velocities up to 1,200 fps. It has a fantastic wood thumbhole stock that is very comfortable. The recoil pad is rubber and nonslip. It has a 2 stage trigger that is very smooth. The muzzle brake reduces the noise level significantly.It a super value at around $150.

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crosman phantom pellet gun

The Phantom pellet gun is a no frills gun with high performance at under $100. It features an all synthetic stock with checkering for a secure grip. Velocities are up to 1,200 fps in .177. The barrel is rifles with fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight. The Crosamn 2 stage trigger is standard but it does not have a muzzle brake. This is a quality high performance gun with a very low price tag.

Crosman Raven Pellet Gun

The Crosman Raven pellet gun is perfect gun for a smaller shooter or beginner. It features a super tough synthetic ambidextrous stock that is impervious to any type weather. The barrel is rifled steel and features an over-molded design to protect it from the elements. No need to worry about corrosion or rust. It’s a perfect all weather gun. It shoots a .177 pellet up to 600 fps. This is great for target shooting or bird hunting. The break action is easy to cock. Fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear are included.

CO2 Guns

crosman 1077 pellet gun


The RepeatAir 1077 is a CO2 semi auto pellet gun. The stock is all weather synthetic and very durable. The barrel is rifled steel with a fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear. The 1077 has a 12 shot rotary magazine that allows you to shoot non-stop for 12 shots without reloading. CO2 cartridges provide the power attaining velocities of 625 fps.

Variable Pump

Crosman 760 pump pellet gun

The most famous pump pellet gun from Crosman is the 760 Pumpmaster. It’s been around since 1966. I had one when I was a kid in the 70’s. Great gun. Stock and forearm are tough synthetic built to last a long time. It feeds BB’s as well as .177 pellets. There is a 200 BB reservoir and a 5 shot pellet clip. Velocities with 10 pumps reach 700 fps. Fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear.

Crosman 2100 pellet gun

The 2100B pump gun is another great gun. It also shoots both pellets and BB’s. The stock is synthetic and is tough and durable for all kinds of weather. The sights are optic and adjustable. Velocities reach 725 fps with pellets. The pump is easy to operate and smooth. The barrel is rifles. There is a reservoir that holds 200 BB and a magazine that holds 17 ready to be loaded with the bolt.

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Crosman M4 177 pellet gun


The M4-177 is a very cool tactical/combat pellet gun. It looks like a real AR-15 rifle. The stock is synthetic and is fully adjustable. It has a rifled barrel and shoots BB’s and pellets. You can mount anything on the Picatinny rails. The sights are adjustable and removable. Velocities reach 660 fps with .177 pellets and 10 pumps. The reservoir holds 350 BB’s/ Very cool gun!

Crosman MK-177 Tactical pellet gun


The MK-177 is another tactical pump pellet gun and looks like a real SCAR. It’s all-weather construction is tough and durable. There is a Picatinny rail for any accessories that you want to mount. The sights are adjustable. Pellet velocities reach 800 fps with BB’s and 750 fps with .177 pellets. There is a 5 shot pellet clip and a BB reservoir. The barrel is rifled steel.


Variable Pump

Daisy Powerline 880 pellet gun

The Daisy Powerline 880 has been around for a very long time. It’s Daisy’s only pump pellet gun. The stock is synthetic with Monte Carlo styling. Sight are fiber optic and adjustable. The 880 will shoot both BB’s and pellets. There is a BB reservoir that holds 50. It’s a bolt action single shot. Velocities reach 800fps with BB’s and 665 with pellets. The 880 is very easy to pump even for younger shooters.

SIngle Pump

Daisy Avanti pellet gun

The Avanti Legend is a single pump action pellet gun designed specifically for target shooting. The sporter stock is all hard wood. The barrel is Lothar Walther match grade rifled barrel. The sights are micro adjustable with a hooded front sight.The trigger is also adjustable. This is a competition grade pellet gun and a single shot. Pellet velocities are 510 fps.


Gamo Silent Cat Pellet Gun

The Gamo Silent Cat pellet gun is one of the most popular. The Silent Cat has an all weather synthetic skeleton stock with a rubber recoil pad. It’s a tough and durable stock. The barrel is braked which reduces noise by 52%. Muzzle velocities are high at 1,200 fps. Fiber optic front sight and an adjustable rear sight are nice but a scope is way better. It is a break barrel action single shot.

Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper pellet gun

The Silent Stalker Whisper pellet gun is an all synthetic stocked skeleton style rifle. This is an IGT or Inert Gas Technology action with a gas piston. It is a break barrel single shot gun. Velocities are 1,300 fps with alloy pellets. The Stalker has a good 2 stage trigger. The muzzle brake reduces noise by 52%. A scope is inluded along with fiber optic sights. A rubber recoil pad is included on the stock.

Gamo Big Cat Pellet Gun

The Big Cat pellet gun is a break barrel single shot with a synthetic sporter stock and rubber recoil pad. It comes with a 34 x 32 mm scope. The Big Cat comes with a scope. Velocities with alloy pellets is 1,250 fps. The rifles steel barrel is over-molded to protect it from corrosion and rust. The trigger is a 2 stage adjustable.

Gamo Hornet Pellet Gun

The Gamo Hornet pellet gun features a synthetic sporter stock with recoil pad. It’s a single break barrel action single shot rifle. The barrel is rifled steel with over-molded polymer. Velocities are 1,200 fps with alloy pellets. A 4 x 32 mm scope is included. The trigger is adjustable.

Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper Pellet Gun

The Bone Collector Bull Whisper gun features a synthetic green sporter stock with an ambidextrous rubber cheek piece. It’s a single cocking break barrel single shot with velocities of 1,250 fps with alloy or PBA pellets. The barrel is rifled steel with polymer over-molding and a bull muzzle brake to reduce noise. It has a 2 stage adjustable trigger. A 4 x 32 mm scope is included.

Gamo Bull Whisper Extreme Pellet Gun

The Bull Whisper Extreme is a single cocking break barrel gun with a synthetic sporter stock and recoil pad. The stock has ambidextrous cheek pieces for right and left shooters. The rifled barrel is steel with the Bull Whisper dampener to reduce noise. Velocities are 1,400 fps with PBA pellets. A 3-9 power scope is included. The trigger is adjustable.

Gamo Whisper Fusion Pellet Gun

The Gamo Whisper Fusion is a synthetic stocked gun with an adjustable cheek piece and recoil pad. It is a break barrel IGT action single shot. The match grade barrel is rifled steel with the Whisper dampener and fiber optic sights. It comes with a 3-9 power scope. The trigger is 2 stage adjustable. Pellet velocities are 1,300 fps. The SWA or shock wave absorber pad reduces recoil up to 74%.


Umarex Octane Pellet Gun

The Umarex Octane is a super powerful pellet gun for hunting or target shooting. Velocity with alloy pellets is 1,450 fps and with lead pellets 1,250 fps. It’s a break barrel single shot with a skeleton synthetic stock. The trigger is a 2 stage adjustable and breaks at 3.5 lbs. It’s accurate and reliable. The scope is included with the gun. Oh and it’s quiet too.

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