Most Accurate 22 Cal Air Rifle Pellets

So what are the most accurate 22 caliber air gun pellets?

**** Remember lighter and faster pellets are typically less accurate, so look for the heavier weights.

Here are the results of the 22 cal pellet accuracy test

Make and Model ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Group Size in inches
JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy ~~~~ 0.194
Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy ~~~~~~~~~~~~0.240
Crossman Pointed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.336
Beeman H&N Match Wadcutter~~~~~~~~~~0.351
Predator Polymag~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 0.362
Beeman FTS Double Gold~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.368
JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Monster~~0.382
Beeman Crow-Magnum~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.383
H&N Silver Point~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.484
JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo RS~~~~~~0.497
RWS Superpoint Extra~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.625
Crossman Premier Hollow Point~~~~~~~~~0.625
Beeman Laser~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.683
H&N Rabbit Magnum II~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.775
Skenco Hyper-velocity Field Pellets~~~~~~~1.580

Here is the video of the accuracy test