Gamo Blue Flame Non-Lead Hunting Pellets

Need a non-lead high performance hunting pellet for your air rifle?

…that will maximize tissue destruction and provide humane kills?

…take a look at Gamo Blue Flame Pellets.

The hard blue poly tip forces rapid expansion, maximum tissue destruction and humane kills. The non-lead composition is safe for the environment. Get some now…Gamo Blue Flame Hunting Pellets at

Gamo Blue Flame Hunting Pellet Features

  • Blue Polymer tip for rapid expansion
  • 177 caliber
  • Quantity: package of 100
  • Style: Polymer tip
  • Material: non-lead (eco-friendly)
  • Hyper velocity for extended range and maximum shock
  • Ultra-light 5.4 grain

Gamo Blue Flame Product Info Video