Crosman Classic 2100B Pellet Gun Review

Crosman 2100B Classic Pellet Gun Review

The Crosman 2100B air rifle is a classic. I remember my next door neighbor having one. I had the Crosman 760 pumpmaster. It was and still is a great pump air gun. I have shot many birds when I was a kid with a Crosman gun. It’s a lot of fun.

Crosman 2100B pump air rifle

Crosman 2100B Classic Pellet Gun Features

The Crosman 2100B is a .177 caliber variable pump air gun that shoots both BB’s and pellets. It has a bolt action and crossbar safety. The stock and forend are durable plastic. The barrel is steel lined and rifled. It holds 200 BB’s in a reservoir while pellets are loaded individually. BB velocities reach 755 fps while pellets reach 725 fps. The sights are visible impact with adjustable rears. The receiver is metal and very durable. Pumping this gun is easy and smooth. 10 pumps is the maximum recommended. The open sights are good but get a scope and really see what this gun can do. It’s quite accurate and under $60.

The Crosman 2100 is pretty powerful (725 fps) and is great for small game like birds, rats, squirrels, prairie dogs, gophers, fox, etc. If you’re looking for a pellet gun for small game hunting then the Crosman 2100 is a great inexpensive option.

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Here is Crosman’s video review of the 2100B air gun. It’s a nice gun for the money. You just can’t go wrong.