Fun Targets – Gamo Hornet Maxxim .22 cal

If you’re tired of shooting paper targets and are looking for something new to shoot, check this out….

Fruit and vegetables make great, biodegradable pellet gun targets and they’re fun to shoot. I use a toilet paper center roll to hold the fruit.

Here’s my Gamo Hornet Maxxim pellet gun and portable bench rest. I love the Gamo Hornet!!!

Here’s the tomato ready to shoot. I always use paper books as a backstop with bricks behind. .22 cal pellet guns are very powerful and you want to make sure the pellets are stopped safely.

Here’s the tomato after the shot. I’m shooting JSB 24 grain jumbo monster pellets. The velocity is not that high because it’s very heavy but penetration is incredible.

Here’s the entry hole.

…and here’s the exit hole. Not much hydrostatic shock at 700 fps.

Here’s the apple before….

…and after. This is the entry hole.

…and the exit. Fruit makes an interesting target and you don’t have to worry about cleanup.


UTG BB and Pellet Target Trap

Need a safe BB or pellet gun target for your backyard?

….Here’s a good one that is inexpensive…no ricochets or stray BB’s or pellets. Stops and retains BB’s and pellets.

UTG BB and Pellet Target Trap


Recommended shooting range = 30 – 60 feet


  • Tough and Smart Target Design for Both Plastic and Metal Pellets
  • Hard Cardboard and Targets Included


  • Perfect size for backyard shooting….9.75″ x 9.75″ x 8″ deep


  • Removable rear metal wall for easy access.


  • Multi-layer Pellet Resistant Curtains, Reinforced Impact Resistant Polymer Frame

If you’re interested in this BB and Pellet trap, here is a link to buy one online…UTG BB and Pellet Target Trap at