Light Weight Lead Free Pellets

H&N makes some of the highest quality pellets for airguns. If you are looking for some light weight/high velocity lead free pellets that are accurate then check out the H&N Prometheus Excite pellets. They come in .177 and .22 calibers.

Lead free pellets are great for target shooting or just backyard plinking. You don’t have to worry about lead laying around where animals/people might come in contact with it. H&N uses a non-lead alloy of Tin and Zinc plus a plastic base. The Prometheus pellets are light weight and only weigh 6.48 grains in .177 caliber. They will not ricochet like steel BBs either. So they are pretty safe for backyard shooting.

If you are interested in H&N pellets, here is a link….Shop for H&N pellets at

H&N Piledriver 177 Lead Pellets

Looking for a super heavy weight .177 pellet for long range hunting or target shooting?

…how about a .177 lead pellet that weighs 21 grains?

…with a boat tail for low drag?

…and super precision tolerances?

Take a look at H&N’s 177 Piledriver Pellets.

These pellets are the ultimate for long range air rifle shooting. The barrel design with a recessed boat tail provide a very low drag coefficient. They are recommended for PCP rifles only because they are very heavy and take some serious power to propel them. H&N pellets are made in Germany and are very high quality.

There are 250 Piledriver pellets in a tin for about $22.00. If you hunt with a PCP rifle, these pellets will provide the ultimate in knock down power and deep penetration on small game.

These pellets are great for hunting small game. If you’re interested in pellet guns for hunting, read this article…Best Pellet Guns for Hunting Small Game

Accuracy Test – Crosman SSP .22 Cal Pellets

Are Crosman SSP high velocity pellets accurate?

I test them in my new Gamo Hornet Maxxim air rifle.

I test all pellets at the same distance which is around 15 yards and in my backyard. I use a rolled up towel as a bench rest on top of a storage trunk.

Let’s take a look at my shooting/testing setup.

Here’s my pellet gun bench rest setup. It makes holding a rifle steady very easy.

Crosman SSP Supersonic Pellets in .22 cal. They weigh 9.5 grains.

Here’s a closeup of the SSP pellets.

Now let’s try a five shot group at 30 feet.

Here’s the 5 shot group from 30 feet. It’s about a 1.75 inch group. The heavier JSB pellets are much more accurate.

Lighter pellets most often are less accurate. The JSB 25 and 18 grain pellets will group in less than 1 inch.