Crosman SBD Silencing Barrel Device Technology 2017

Crosman is introducing quite a few new airguns in 2017 along with a suppressor or Silencing Barrel Device or SBD. I’m very curious to see how quiet these new airguns are with SBD.

Here’s a video from the 2017 Shot Show featuring Crosman’s new air rifles for 2017.

Are BSA Air Rifles Any Good?

BSA air rifles are a new name to me. I’ve always been familiar with Crosman, Gamo, Umarex, Benjamin, Beeman, Daisy, etc… but not BSA.

When someone mentions BSA, I think of rifle scopes.

BSA apparently makes some really nice, high end air rifles. BSA air rifles are made in the United Kingdom. Prices range from $150-$1200.

Anyway, here is a video describing the rifled barrels that are used in BSA Air Rifles. If you’re interested in how air rifle barrels are made, you’ll love this video.┬áIt’s quite interesting.