Are JSB Pellets More Accurate?

There is a lot of talk about how great JSB pellets are. Accuracy is very important for pellet gun shooters, whether you’re hunting or target shooting…you always want the best accuracy possible.

So can high quality pellets give you the best accuracy?

Do they really make a different?

Here’s the JSB Match Diabolo .177 cal pellets. Let’s see how they do in a cheaper pellet gun like the Daisy Powerline 880.

Here’s my Daisy Powerline 880. I’m shooting in my backyard.

Let’s see how my first 5 shots went…

Let’s take a closer look at this target. Remember this group is from open sights and not a scope.

This is almost a .50″ group which is great. It actually measures about .70″. So are the JSB pellets accurate? YES. Typical pellets group around 1″ from most air rifles. If you are interested in trying JSB pellets, here is a link….JSB pellets at