.45 Caliber Sabot Bullets in a .50 Caliber Air Rifle

You can use sabots in an air rifle just like you can in a shotgun. You get a higher velocity with more shock and better trajectory. The sabot allows you to use a smaller caliber bullet in a larger bore. 50 caliber sabots allow you to fire a 45 caliber bullet from a 50 caliber rifle. The lighter weight bullet achieves a high velocity.

Hornady and other manufacturers make sabots for muzzleloaders but you can use them in a air rifle too. They work the same way.

Hornady 50 cal sabots

These are 50 caliber sabots with a Hornady 250 grain SST bullet.

You can use any brand sabots and then insert whatever bullet you want. Here are some other brands of sabots.

50 caliber sabots

TC Arms 50 cal sabots

Now all you need is a .50 caliber air rifle to shoot these. Several manufacturers make them like Sam Yang, Dragon Slayer, Quackenbush, Extreme Big Bore and XP Airguns.

Here is a demonstration video of sabots being used in a 50 cal Sam Yang Dragon Claw air rifle. It is pretty amazing.

Here are some 50 cal sabots for sale..50 cal sabots at Amazon.com