Best BB Gun Rifle for the Money

So what’s the best BB gun rifle for the money?

You just can’t beat the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster BB gun.

So why is it the best BB gun rifle for the money?

…lots of great features for a very low price. (Get one now at

The Crosman 760 Pumpmaster BB gun has been around for over 40 years and remains a best seller among pump action BB guns.

The 760 is a pump action bolt BB gun rifle that can fire BBs and .177 pellets, so it’s quite versatile. You can vary the power by pumping it as much as you want up to a max of 10 pumps. So if you’re shooting in your backyard, 3-5 pumps is plenty of power and at the same time quieter than 10 pumps, so you don’t disturb your neighbors.

The Crosman 760 features a rifled steel barrel and is very accurate when shooting precision pellets like H&N and JSB. The great accuracy makes the 760 ideal for hunting small game and target shooting.

The Crosman 760 BB gun has an all polymer/plastic stock and forend making it light weight and easy to carry around all day. The plastic stock is also very durable and will not break under normal usage. Wood stocks look nice but they are too heavy.

Reliability has always been great with the 760 Pumpmaster. The bolt action is positive and durable and will last many years. If the pump mechanism is maintained and oiled periodically, it will function for 10 years or longer with no issues.

The price of the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster BB gun is amazing….under $50. You get a great BB gun for just a little bit of money. It’s definitely a best buy.

Ruger Targis Hunter Air Rifle

The Ruger Targis Hunter is a break barrel air rifle manufactured by Umarex Airguns under license from Sturm, Ruger & Co, Inc.. The Targis Hunter is a high velocity hunting air rifle. It’s available in .177 and .22 caliber. Velocities can approach 1200 fps (in .177) with alloy pellets.

The Ruger Targis features the SilencAir Dampening System which helps to reduce noise so you can get a 2nd shot off before game is spooked. It also helps when shooting in your backyard. Your neighbors will appreciate the low noise. The Ruger Targis Hunter is 25% easier to cock than most magnum air rifles. It comes with a 3-9×32 scope, an all weather composite stock and a 2 stage adjustable trigger.

It retails for just under $200. Here’s link where you can save $30…Shop for Ruger Targis Air Rifles at

Light Weight Lead Free Pellets

H&N makes some of the highest quality pellets for airguns. If you are looking for some light weight/high velocity lead free pellets that are accurate then check out the H&N Prometheus Excite pellets. They come in .177 and .22 calibers.

Lead free pellets are great for target shooting or just backyard plinking. You don’t have to worry about lead laying around where animals/people might come in contact with it. H&N uses a non-lead alloy of Tin and Zinc plus a plastic base. The Prometheus pellets are light weight and only weigh 6.48 grains in .177 caliber. They will not ricochet like steel BBs either. So they are pretty safe for backyard shooting.

If you are interested in H&N pellets, here is a link….Shop for H&N pellets at

H&N Piledriver 177 Lead Pellets

Looking for a super heavy weight .177 pellet for long range hunting or target shooting?

…how about a .177 lead pellet that weighs 21 grains?

…with a boat tail for low drag?

…and super precision tolerances?

Take a look at H&N’s 177 Piledriver Pellets.

These pellets are the ultimate for long range air rifle shooting. The barrel design with a recessed boat tail provide a very low drag coefficient. They are recommended for PCP rifles only because they are very heavy and take some serious power to propel them. H&N pellets are made in Germany and are very high quality.

There are 250 Piledriver pellets in a tin for about $22.00. If you hunt with a PCP rifle, these pellets will provide the ultimate in knock down power and deep penetration on small game.

Non Ricochet BBs – H&N Smart Shot

If you shoot BB guns then you know about ricochets and how dangerous they can be. I once shot a BB at an old stove I ran across in the desert. I shot at the glass oven door from about 30 feet and instantly got hit in the forehead by the BB. I never did that again. I’m lucky I didn’t lose an eye!

There are 2 lessons I learned from this incident.

  1. Don’t shoot steel BBs at hard objects
  2. Wear eye protection when shooting

Some BB guns will only shoot BBs like the Daisy Red Ryder. So you don’t have a choice of lead pellets. So what do you do?

…only shoot soft targets?

…use lead BBs?

I like and prefer shooting lead or copper coated lead BBs. Actually the copper plated are better for the simple reason there is no exposed lead. Lead is hazardous to most life on Earth.

Anyway…so who makes copper coated lead BBs?

H&N Excite Smart Shot BBs are lead core BBs with a copper coating. These BBs expand and flatten when they hit a target or any hard surface without ricocheting. They are much safer than steel BBs. Since the core is lead which is heavier than steel, Smart Shot BBs are heavier and weigh about 7.4 grains. Steel BBs weigh about 5.1 grains. BB gun velocities will be lower with Smart Shot BBs but penetration maybe greater because of the increased density.

Here are some samples of the H&N Smart Shot BBs….un-fired and fired. You can see how they flatten like a lead bullet. These are excellent for backyard plinking or hunting with a BB gun. If you are interested in these, here is a link to buy them online…H&N Smart Shot BBs at

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