Most Powerful Air Pistols 2019

The most powerful air pistol or bb pistol depends on the style and purpose. Difference purposes will dictate which air pistol you need to consider.

If the purpose is hunting, you might choose a single shot or multi-shot CO2, break barrel, spring air or pump but if you’re looking for a self defense or home defense BB gun then you will want to look at some of the more powerful CO2 air/BB pistols. You do not want a single shot air gun for self defense! You need a multi-shot. You need to keep shooting until the threat is stopped.

Here is the Absolute Most Powerful Air Pistol available today….

…The Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Pistol. It shoots .22 caliber pellets at 700 fps and alloy pellets at over 800 fps. (Buy at

Now let’s discuss the various types of air pistols.

Most Powerful Break Barrel Air Pistols

The most powerful break barrel air pistols are the Benjamin Trail NP pistol and the Browning 800 Express. The muzzle velocities with .177 pellets are 625 – 700 fps. The Browning 800 and the Benjamin Tail NP are break barrel actions and have rifled barrels. These are great air pistols for hunting small game or target shooting. They have enough power for self defense but are single shots. I prefer a multi-shot air pistol for self defense.

Most Powerful Break Barrel Air Pistol List

  • Browning 800 Express Air Pistol – 700 fps
  • Benjamin Trail NP Air Pistol – 625 fps

Benjamin Trail NP Air Pistol Features

  • Nitro Piston Technology
  • 625 fps muzzle velocity with pellets
  • Adjustable Sights
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Cocking assist aid included
  • Tactical synthetic frame/stock
  • Ideal for target shooting or small game hunting
  • Fiber optic front sight
  • 70% less noise than spring air pistols
  • Smooth cocking effort
  • Low recoil
  • Low noise
  • Push button safety
  • Most powerful air pistol

The Benjamin Trail NP air pistol is a inexpensive but powerful air pistol suitable for small game hunting and target shooting out to 30 yards. It is quiet enough for backyards shooting without disturbing the neighbors. The break barrel design allows somewhat fast follow up shots. Multi-pump air guns require 5 – 10 pumps before shooting. The break barrel is one barrel break cycle and then shoot. It’s much faster and easier.

Browning 800 Express Air Pistol

The Browning 800 Express is a powerhouse air pistol with a muzzle velocity of 700 fps with .177 cal pellets. It’s a break barrel single shot air pistol and is suitable for hunting small game or target shooting. The pistol grip is ambidextrous and will accommodate either right handed or left handed shooters. It’s very smooth cocking and very well made. It features a great set of adjustable open sights that make it easy to hit targets out to 50 yards.

Most Powerful CO2 Pistols

You could also use one of the self defense CO2 pistols for hunting depending on the game and the distance. 500 fps is plenty of power to hunt small game out to 50 yards or so. Birds and small mammals are perfect game for this type of air pistol and at this distance.

Most Powerful CO2 Air Pistol List

  • Crosman 2240 Bolt Action Air Pistol – 420 fps in .22 cal
  • Daisy Powerline 5172 Air Pistol – 520 fps
  • Daisy Powerline 415 Air Pistol – 495 fps
  • Crosman CRVL357 Revolver – 450 fps
  • Crosman TACC11KT2 – 500 fps

For bigger game or longer distances, look at the Crosman American Classic in either .177 or .22 calibers and the Crosman Trail Mark II Air Pistol. Both are very powerful and can accommodate a scope for hunting.

Most Powerful Multi Pump Air Pistols

Multi-pump Air Pistol List

  • Crosman American Classic in .177 or .22 – 600 fps
  • Umarex Strike Point Pellet Gun – 650 fps

Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol.

  • Single shot bolt action
  • .177 or .22 caliber
  • Powerful pump action
  • Variable power¬† 3 – 10 pumps
  • .177 BB velocity of 600 fps
  • Adjustable open sights
  • Durable synthetic grip and forend.
  • Shoots .177 BBs and pellets
  • Reliable
  • Inexpensive…$55.00

Umarex Strike Point Pump Air Pistol


  • Single shot bolt action
  • Available in .177 and .22 calibers
  • Multi-pump variable power 3 -10 pumps
  • 5 chamber sound dampener to reduce noise level
  • Fiber optic sights
  • Durable All Weather synthetic stock
  • Max velocity 500 fps

Most Powerful Spring Air Pistols

  • Beeman Sportsman 2004 – 410 fps
  • Daisy Powerline 340 – 240 fps
  • Umarex DX17 – 200 fps

Spring air pistols are very inexpensive, reliable and a ton of fun by a frog pond or small lake or stream. You can shoot targets or hunt small game with them too. The ideal small game is mice, frogs, birds and snakes. I’ve shot many, like hundreds, of frogs when I was a teen. There was a pond where my dad worked. I would go to work with my dad in the summer and hunt frogs and wild mice all day long. I used a Daisy Red Ryder rifle and a Daisy spring air Colt Peacemaker. It was a lot of fun!

Powerful Self Defense Air Pistols

So, for self defense you want the most powerful CO2 repeating pistol available. You also want high capacity, like a 10-20 round magazine. And it needs to be reliable.

I prefer CO2 air pistols because they have a lot power and are semiautomatic which means you don’t have to cock it or manually load the next pellet or BB. You just keep pulling the trigger.

The most powerful CO2 pistols have muzzle velocities around 400-600 fps with BB’s. 400 fps is the minimum for self defense. 300+ fps just does not provide enough penetration in soft tissue to be lethal. 400-500 fps will reliably penetrate 3-4 inches of soft tissue. If the BB hits the soft tissue of the face (eyes or temple), it will be lethal at this velocity.

Here are some models of the most powerful CO2 air pistols.

  • Crosman SR 357 CO2 6 Shot BB Revolver ¬†– 450 fps
  • Winchester Model 11K CO2 Pistol – 410 fps
  • Crosman PFAM9B BB Air Pistol – 450 fps
  • Daisy Powerline 5172 CO2 Air Pistol – 520 fps
  • Daisy Powerline 415 BB Pistol – 495 fps

I own the Daisy Powerline 415 CO2 Air Pistol and I love it. It’s well made and feels like a real firearm. It’s easy to load and is very powerful. It shoots BB’s at almost 500 fps and has a magazine capacity of 21 shots. This is fantastic. Think about this: If someone breaks into your house, he/she is going to get 21 shots in the face and in less than 10 seconds. This is totally devastating!

Here is a link so you can shop a large selection of air and BB pistols….Shop at

Daisy Powerline 415 BB gun out of the box