Light Weight Lead Free Pellets

H&N makes some of the highest quality pellets for airguns. If you are looking for some light weight/high velocity lead free pellets that are accurate then check out the H&N Prometheus Excite pellets. They come in .177 and .22 calibers.

Lead free pellets are great for target shooting or just backyard plinking. You don’t have to worry about lead laying around where animals/people might come in contact with it. H&N uses a non-lead alloy of Tin and Zinc plus a plastic base. The Prometheus pellets are light weight and only weigh 6.48 grains in .177 caliber. They will not ricochet like steel BBs either. So they are pretty safe for backyard shooting.

If you are interested in H&N pellets, here is a link….Shop for H&N pellets at