Is the Gamo Hornet Maxxim Quiet?

The Gamo Hornet Maxxim pellet gun is pretty powerful….850 fps with .22 cal pellets. So we would expect it to be pretty loud right?

Gamo uses an amazing barrel and suppressor to dampen or suppress noise and YES it does work…IMO.

My Gamo Hornet Maxxim is still in the break-in period so it should get quieter but it’s not too bad right now. I used an app on my smart phone to measure the sound. Here’s what the app looks like…

It works really well. The readings above are not from my testing.

I was shooting .22 cal 25 grain JSB pellets in my backyard. Here are the results:

…73 dB at 18″ from the muzzle. Remember this is very close to the muzzle so your neighbors will hear much less.

Here are some sounds to compare this with.

  • 134 dB – .22 LR
  • 120 dB – fire engine siren
  • 140 dB – jet plane takeoff
  • 35-45 dB – humans talking
  • 45 dB – hand clapping
  • 65 dB – Daisy Powerline 880 with 10 pumps and .177 pellets