Daisy Lead-Free .177 Pellets

Daisy lead free .177 pellets are a great way to shoot without any concerns about toxic metals and richochets. They are great for backyard plinking or hunting. Lead pellets are toxic to animals and humans. Handling lead is a health hazard. It’s a hazard I don’t want to deal with so I only shoot lead free pellets. BB’s are great but they richochet easily and over penetrate. BB’s are also not as accurate as pellets.

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Daisy lead-free pellets are made from a Tin alloy. They are 100% safe to touch or be in contact with. These are flat nosed and soft for expansion without overpenetrating. They are pretty cheap too.

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250 pellets in a tin for around $13.

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They are precision made and look great. They also shoot great out of my Daisy Powerline 880.

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