Crosman Big Bore Pellet Gun .357

Crosman has really stepped up to the plate with 2015’s introduction of the Bulldog .357 Pellet Gun. This is a brute of a pellet gun, firing .357 cast bullets…NOT PELLETS. It was designed for big game hunting like deer, elk, wild boar, black bear, African plains game, etc. The Bulldog is very accurate…1″ groups at 50 yards depending on the cast bullet.

The Bulldog is a PCP gun which means you have to charge it with compressed gas. It has a 5 shot magazine and can shoot 10 rounds between recharges. Cast bullet velocities reach 800 fps. The Crosman Bulldog is a serious pellet gun for serious hunters, It retails for about $999.00.

Watch this Crosman Bulldog review by Shooting USA.