Crosman 2240 .22 Cal CO2 Handgun

I’ve always liked Crosman. I grew up with a Crosman 760 pump pellet gun in the 70’s. I shot many birds in my backyard. It was a blast.

The Crosman 2240 is a CO2 powered .22 caliber pellet handgun. It features a bolt action and cross bolt safety. The 2240 is mostly made from steel and not plastic like other pellet guns. Muzzle velocity with standard weight .22 cal lead pellets is around 460 fps. This is plenty of power to hunt small game with. This is a powerful and accurate pellet gun that is well made. Since it’s CO2 powered, you won’t have to break the barrel or pump it up before you shoot. Follow up shots are pretty quick. You only have to chamber a pellet in the bolt action.

I like the 2240. It feels good in my hands and has a good weight. The sights are pretty good for target shooting and close quarters hunting. CO2 pellet guns are great because you can shoot more in less time. I really don’t like spending more time pumping than shooting.

It’s really hard to buy a better CO2 pellet gun at this price range…under $70. The Crosman 2240 is a real bargain. There are over 180 reviews with the average review being 4 stars out of 5 stars. Check it out here…Crosman 2250 CO2 Bolt Action Pellet Handgun at