Crosman 1322 American Classic Pellet/Air Pistol Review

The Crosman 1322 Classic is a single shot, bolt action, pump .22 caliber air pistol. 10 pumps is the maximum and will achieve a respectable 460 fps with a .22 caliber pellet. This is a great hunting pistol with plenty of power and accuracy. The Crosman 1322 pistol features a synthetic/polymer forearm and pistol grip. This tough material will last a very long time and is impervious to the elements unlike real wood. Here’s a real plus to the 1322… it mostly steel and NOT PLASTIC. It has a good weight and feels solid.

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Crosman 1322 air pistol

The steel receiver and barrel are blue while the synthetic stock and grip are black. The Crosman 1322 is very appealing to the eye and feels very good in my hands. The fit and finish are very good. Everything was tight and smooth. No machine burrs or marks on the exterior. The pump lever is solid and very smooth. It’s fairly easy to pump in spite of the short lever compared to a rifle.

Crosman 1322 air pistol 2

The Crosman 1322 bolt action is super nice. It’s positive and easy to operate even with gloves on. The bolt requires a little force to cock the action when you pull it to the rear. You will hear it click and then remain open. You can then load a pellet into the action and close the bolt. Now you’re ready to pump. There is a crossbolt safety that engages easily and works very well. No complaints there. The trigger is steel and smooth faced. It is a little heavy but is not a big deal for me, after all it’s a hunting or plinking gun.

Crosman 1322 air pistol 3

Here’s a closeup of the Crosman 1322 receiver and bolt and rear sight. It’s well made and functions very nicely. The sights are basic but work very well at 50 feet or so.

Crosman 1322 air pistol 4

Here is a closeup of the trigger guard and trigger. The trigger is fairly wide and smooth faced but a little on the heavy side. I was however, able to get good groups at 15 yards, shooting offhand in my backyard.

Crosman 1322 air pistol 5

The Crosman 1322 pump lever is long enough to make it easy to pump and has no slop in the fit. It’s smooth pumping and locks up tightly when closed. The maximum is 10 pumps which should yield about 460 fps with lead .22 pellets which weigh about 12 grains. Crosman recommends lubricating the pump every 250 shots with pellgun oil. The piston and 2 hinge points get lubricated. The synthetic forearm is comfortable to pump and has a “stippling like” finish to assist with a secure grip however sweaty/wet hands might be another story.

Crosman 1322 air pistol 6

Here is the “non-slip” type finish on the forearm. It has a pretty agressive grip dry but it might not be enough for sweaty hands. But Nice Job Crosman!!!

Crosman 1322 air pistol 7

Here is the 1322 front sight and barrel muzzle. The barrel is steel and fully rifled. The front sight is very secure and easy to use with the rear blade.

Crosman 1322 air pistol 8

Here is the muzzle of the Crosman 1322 pistol in .22 caliber. It’s kind of a “big bore” among air guns. I prefer .22 caliber over the standard .177. It hits much harder which is better when hunting small game.

So how does the Crosman 3122 pistol shoot???

Crosman 1322 air pistol 9

Here is my target with my first 4 shots, “out of the box”. I made no sight adjustments. It’s dead on at 30 feet. I was shooting offhand standing and only using 3 pumps. I could do better but this is good for open sights on a pistol. With more practice I could easily keep 3 shots in the red dot. My 4th shot was the bullseye. The Crosman 1322 is definitely accurate.

Crosman 1322 air pistol 10

I was shooting Crosman SSP non-lead pellets. These are lighter than lead and achieve higher velocities. They are also accurate. They weigh 9.5 grains vs lead which runs about 12-15 grains. With 3 pumps the 1322 is fairly quiet. I was shooting in my backyard and it did not cause any of the neighbor’s dog to bark.

Velocities (lead 14.3 grain hollow points) for 10 pumps are as followed as measure by a Chrony F1 chronograph:

  • Shot 1 – 441 fps
  • Shot 2 – 443 fps
  • Shot 3 – 459 fps
  • Shot 4 – 456 fps
  • Shot 5 – 438 fps
  • Average 447.4 fps

Here is how loud the Crosman 1322 American Classic pistol is with various pumps as measured with an app on my android phone. Ambient room/background noise measures 32 dB. Human conversations measure around 55 dB.

  • 3 pumps – 73 dB
  • 5 pumps – 78 dB

To give you a comparison to firearms…centerfire rifles are typically around 120 – 130 dB.

Crosman 1322 air pistol 11

The Crosman SSP .22 pellets are pointed softpoints. They are accurate and great for hunting small game. I only shoot NON-LEAD pellets. I prefer to NOT have lead pellets laying around in the backyard or handling them for that matter. Non-lead pellets are safe to handle and shoot.


The Crosman 1322 American Classic Air Pistol is a great product. I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. It’s well made at a very affordable price….actually it’s CHEAP. I bought it for $59.00 online. It functions well and is ergonomic. It feels good in my hands, which are small and slender. The pump is easy to actuate and has no slop in the fit. The bolt action is smooth and simple to operate. I like simple. The loading port is large enough to make it easy to load a pellet, even with poor eyesight. The trigger is descent. If the trigger pull was lighter, I would give this gun 5 stars.

If you’re looking for a plinking or small game hunting air pistol, then try the Crosman 1322 American Classic Pistol. You won’t be disappointed.