Cleaning the Gamo Hornet Maxxim

I just received a new Gamo Hornet Maxxim about 2 weeks ago and I wanted to show you why you should clean every new gun before you shoot it. Some people say you don’t need to clean a brand new gun….But they are wrong.

Let’s see why you should clean a brand new air rifle before you shoot it the first time.

Here is the Gamo Hornet Maxxim with the barrel broke, first cleaning patch and carbon fiber .177 cleaning rod. I did not use any cleaner on the patch. I just placed a clean patch on the .22 cal jag and pushed it through.

Here’s a closeup of the 2nd cleaning patch. Not too bad.

Here’s the 3rd patch. I ran 2 more after this and the final patch was pretty clean. Air rifles are easy to clean since there’s no powder. The dirt is most likely some sort of factory preservative to prevent rust in the barrel.