Daisy Powerline 415 Pistol Review [2020 update]

The Daisy Powerline 415 BB Gun Review [2020]

The Powerline 415 is a powerful CO2 powered BB pistol that can be used for target practice, small game hunting and self defense. Maximum muzzle velocity with BB’s is 495 fps.

Powerline 415 Pistol Features

  • .177 caliber – steel and lead BB ammunition
  • CO2 powered
  • Plastic and metal construction
  • 495 fps with steel BB’s
  • Magazine holds 21 BB’s
  • Semi automatic action
  • Open sights
  • Rail mount for optic sight or accessories
  • CO2 cartridge mounts inside handle
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Inexpensive at $35

Daisy Powerline 415 Pro’s for Self Defense

  • Powerful – 495 fps with BB’s – can penetrate 3-4 inches of ballistic gel or equivalent soft tissue
  • Multi Shot – 21 shot magazine combined with CO2 power to provide 21 fast shots before reloading
  • Lightweight – lighter than any cartridge handgun – enables men and women to hold and shoot accurately.
  • Low Noise – prevents flinching from loud gun report and allows backyard target practice
  • Inexpensive – under $40 … ammo $5 for 350 BB’s or pellets
  • No Background Check – easy to purchase, no paperwork or background checks…can buy online and get it delivered to your door.

Daisy Powerline 415 BB gun out of the box

This is a picture of my Daisy 415 pistol. I love it. This is a great BB pistol for target practice in the backyard. It’s powerful yet pretty quiet. I shoot all day in my backyard and it never disturbs my neighbors or any of the dogs in the neighborhood. With the exception of when I shoot tin cans. The pinging noise kind of tells people what’s going on in your backyard. So I try to shoot at boxes and fruits or vegetables. Clay targets are also great. The less noise the better.

Another possibility for the Powerline 415 is Self Defense. If you are not able to buy or own a firearm, the 415 BB gun is the next best thing. A steel BB traveling at 495 fps will penetrate soft tissue easily. Just shoot a bird or squirrel to verify…or try a chicken breast if you don’t want to kill anything. You will see that the BB will penetrate a good 3-4 inches. If you shoot a person in the face with a BB gun, not only is it going to hurt like hell but it’s also going to do some damage, especially the eyes or the face in general. A person is going to start thinking twice when this scenario takes place. A shot in the eyes will not only blind a person but it could be fatal. The brain is only 2 inches behind the eye socket. it doesn’t take much to get there.

So let’s compare the 415 BB gun to what else is available.[defensive weapons]

  • Pepper Spray
  • Stun Gun
  • Tactical Knife
  • Baseball bat or baton
  • Alarm/Siren/Whistle

All of these with the exception of Pepper Spray requires you to be in contact with an attacker or very close. I prefer to not be. Pepper spray is used at a distance of 10-15 feet but it’s not always effective and does no permanent damage. Eyeglasses and contacts can interfere with it’s effectiveness too.

If someone breaks into your house at night and you take cover with a BB gun in your closet, 15 rounds of BB’s from 3-5 feet in the face is certainly going to stop an assailant. I can’t imagine getting shot in the face at close range with steel BB’s at almost 500 fps. If nothing else the would be attacker is going to be blind and you should be able to get away. I seriously think it will be lethal.

Powerline 415 BB Gun for Hunting

The Powerline 415 is a good BB gun for hunting small game like small birds, mice, rats, frogs, squirrels at close range and snakes. It’s a great gun to take camping or hiking. It has plenty of power with BB’s to kill any small animal at close range. Steel BB’s tend to penetrate very well…just like a African Big 5 “solid”. I’ve killed many birds and squirrels with BB’s at 500 fps from a Crosman 760 rifle with 5 pumps.

Powerline 415 BB Gun for Targets

If you get creative with target shooting you can increase the fun because let’s face it paper targets get boring after a while. Although the Glow Shot targets are still cool.

Here are some ideas for targets

  • Fruit – apples, bananas, turnips, beets, celery stalks, zucchini squash
  • Water balloons
  • Plastic bottles filled with water
  • Clay targets [pigeons]
  • Plastic models [airplanes and cars]
  • Modeling clay from a Hobby store
  • Paint Balls
  • Balsa Wood

Daisy Powerline 415 BB Gun Reviews

This Gun rocks. Had it now for almost two weeks and put almost 500 rounds though it. Very Powerful. Don’t get complacent and remember this thing can do some damage. I get about 125-175 shots or more before the Co2 gets low. The BB’s load at the top. Be very careful when putting BB’s in. Somehow I got a BB caught inside the spring while loading, and damaged it trying to get the BB out. Make sure it is locked forward, don’t let it release while loading. Daisy was nice enough to send me a replacement spring at no charge. The instructions say you never need to lube any seals. I don’t think it would hurt to lube the Co2 contact with Air gun lube occasionally. It has a one year warranty so you can’t really go wrong. I have shot it almost every day with no problems. If it breaks after a year or sooner, I got my money’s worth for sure. Daisy customer service is top notch. From what I can tell Co2 cylinders are by far cheaper on Amazon than any where else.

I am very pleased with this BB pistol. It has more power than I thought it would have, it feels solid and it is easy to load and operate. As a bonus, everything you need to get started comes in the package.

I nice pistol that has alot of power! Love it!

Hadn’t fired a bb gun since I was a kid, a LONG time ago. Plus, had never fired a bb pistol.
This is a superb value, a lot of fun and it packs a punch so be sure to wear safety glasses. I have enough property that I can shoot outside with no problems. It is surprisingly accurate. Plan to get another one so we can have contests in the back yard when friends visit.”

Air Guns for Self Defense?

Yes, you read it right. Air guns for self defense.

Air guns are not the best choice for self defense but in locations where firearms are banned or prohibited, it is the best choice along with a combat knife and pepper spray. There are stores and restaurants where firearms are prohibited BUT air guns may not be. In Canada it is very hard to buy a firearm and so a pellet gun makes perfect sense.

Air guns and pellet guns are much more powerful today then 20 years ago. You can kill a human with today’s air guns. Some of the rifles have velocities of 1250 fps which is the same as a .22 LR. BB’s are much better for self defense because they are steel and penetrate further than soft lead pellets which flatten and stop quickly.

Here is a video discussing air guns for self defense and which ones are a best choice.