H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Hollowpoint Pellets

H&N or Haendler and Natermann are known for their quality pellets. If you are looking for accuracy and penetration then H&N pellets are what you want. Quality control is very high making these pellets very accurate in most pellet guns, especially break-actions. H&N pellets are made in Germany and held to the highest standards.

Check out their website…H&N Sport

These are the .22 cal hollow point heavyweights….19.09 grains.


Let’s get a closer look at the hollow point.


The X hollowpoint ensures rapid expansion for maximum shock. These pellets are designed for hunting and it would be very hard to buy a better hunting pellet. If you want to try these in your pellet rifle or handgun, here is a link to buy them online at a discount…H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Hollow Point .22 cal Pellets.

Air Venturi Big Bore 50 Cal Pellets 185 Grains

Air Venturi .50 Cal lead pellets are true big bores and are great for hunting big game like deer, elk, bear and hogs. They are super accurate and hit very hard.

Where Can You Buy Them? Air Venturi .50 Cal Big Bore Lead Pellets at Amazon.com


Air Venturi .50 Cal Lead Pellet Specs

  • .50 caliber
  • Hollow Point Design for rapid expansion and max energy transfer
  • 185 grain weight for higher velocity and flatter trajectory
  • Lead Alloy for maximum weight for excellent penetration


JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Monster .22 Cal Pellets

If you want the ultimate in penetration and knock-down power from a .22 cal air rifle then you need to use the JSB Diabolo Jumbo Exact Monster…weighing in at 25.39 grains. This is the heaviest .22 cal pellet available and they are super accurate too.

…heavier pellets penetrate deeper than light and fast.


JSB makes the most accurate pellets available and they are reasonably priced too.

So why are they so accurate?

  • Specific pellet weights
  • Specially designed shape
  • Perfect distribution of center of gravity and alignment (balance)
  • Hand inspected

If you want to try these heavy weight pellets for hunting or target shooting, then check them out here….JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Monster .22 Cal Pellets at Amazon.com

The Most Accurate .22 Cal Lead Pellets – JSB Match Diabolo

The most accurate .22 caliber air rifle pellets are the JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy. They weigh a whopping 18.13 grains. Most air rifle match shooters use these exclusively.

JSB Match Diablo Exact Jumbo Heavy 22 cal pellets

So why are these pellets so accurate?

Here’s why:

  • Specific weights (heavy)
  • Specially designed shape
  • Perfect distribution of center of gravity and alignment (balance)
  • Hand picked quality control

JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy pellets are designed for long range target shooting and medium range hunting. They pack a serious punch on small game. They are made in the Czech Republic. You gotta try these monsters….JSB Match Diabolo Exact jumbo Heavy .22 cal Pellets at Amazon.com

Most Accurate 22 Cal Air Rifle Pellets

So what are the most accurate 22 caliber air gun pellets?

**** Remember lighter and faster pellets are typically less accurate, so look for the heavier weights.

Here are the results of the 22 cal pellet accuracy test

Make and Model ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Group Size in inches
JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy ~~~~ 0.194
Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy ~~~~~~~~~~~~0.240
Crossman Pointed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.336
Beeman H&N Match Wadcutter~~~~~~~~~~0.351
Predator Polymag~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 0.362
Beeman FTS Double Gold~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.368
JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Monster~~0.382
Beeman Crow-Magnum~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.383
H&N Silver Point~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.484
JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo RS~~~~~~0.497
RWS Superpoint Extra~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.625
Crossman Premier Hollow Point~~~~~~~~~0.625
Beeman Laser~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.683
H&N Rabbit Magnum II~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.775
Skenco Hyper-velocity Field Pellets~~~~~~~1.580

Here is the video of the accuracy test