Excellent 5 Shot Group with JSB Match Pellets

JSB Match Diabolo pellets are awesome. I have been shooting the Jumbo Monsters in my Gamo Hornet Maxxim pellet gun with great satisfaction. They are very accurate and hit really hard. These Monster pellets weight a whopping 25 grains compared to the standard 15 grain .22 cal pellets. These heavy weights are great for hunting small game.

Check out this 5 shot group…

My first shot went dead center of the red dot….very lucky.

This is my 5 shot group with the Gamo Hornet Maxxim. It measures a little over 1/2″. If I take out the very first shot, I would have a dime size 4 shot group. This is very impressive.

Let’s look at the JSB Match Diabolo Jumbo Monster pellets.

These are some really heavy weight .22 cal pellets…at 25 grains. They fit perfectly in the Gamo Hornet’s chamber and are extremely accurate..

Are JSB Pellets More Accurate?

There is a lot of talk about how great JSB pellets are. Accuracy is very important for pellet gun shooters, whether you’re hunting or target shooting…you always want the best accuracy possible.

So can high quality pellets give you the best accuracy?

Do they really make a different?

Here’s the JSB Match Diabolo .177 cal pellets. Let’s see how they do in a cheaper pellet gun like the Daisy Powerline 880.

Here’s my Daisy Powerline 880. I’m shooting in my backyard.

Let’s see how my first 5 shots went…

Let’s take a closer look at this target. Remember this group is from open sights and not a scope.

This is almost a .50″ group which is great. It actually measures about .70″. So are the JSB pellets accurate? YES. Typical pellets group around 1″ from most air rifles. If you are interested in trying JSB pellets, here is a link….JSB pellets at Amazon.com


Is the Daisy Powerline 880 Accurate?

Lots of people always question whether the cheap pellet guns are accurate… like the Daisy Powelrine 880, which sells for about $50.

I own a Daisy Powerline 880 and I really like it. I bought mine 6 or 7 years ago at Walmart for $35. I use the open sights on the Daisy Powerline because it’s too hard for me to load pellets with a scope mounted. There’s just not enough room to drop a pellet in easily.

Let’s take a look at some of my targets shooting 2 different pellets. I shot some JSB Match Diabolo Exact pellets and Copperhead Hyper Velocity Hunting pellets.

Here is my target after shooting 5 JSB Match Diabolo pellets using the open sights on the Powerline 880. I used 5 pumps for all accuracy testing.

Close up view of the target. 5 shots in about 0.75″ group. Nice for a $50 pellet gun huh? Let’s try some cheaper pellets.

Another 5 shot group using open sights and Copperhead Hyper Velocity Hunting pellets.

Close up of the 5 shot group. It measures about 0.50″. Not bad for cheap pellets from a cheap gun?

If you are interested in the Daisy Powerline 880 pellet gun or JSB/Copperhead pellets, here is a link to buy them online….Pellet guns and accessories at Amazon.com


JSB Exact Jumbo Monster Diabolo .22 Pellets

I bought 2 tins of .22 caliber pellets to try out in my new Gamo Hornet Maxxim pellet gun…the JSB Exact Jumbo Monster Diabolo and the JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy Diabolo. They are different weights but basically the same design. The Heavy is 18.13 grains while the Monster is 25.39 grains. I like the heavier pellets because they are typically more accurate and penetrate better. They’re awesome for hunting.

Here’s a closeup of the JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy and the Jumbo Monster pellets. The Heavy is on the left while the Monster is on the right.

These are the ultimate in precision air rifle pellets. When I load these into the Gamo Hornet Maxxim chamber they fit perfectly…not loose and not too tight. If you want to try some of the best pellets available, here is a link…JSB Air Rifle Pellets at Amazon.com

Pellet Penetration Test

What penetrates better? Light and fast or slow and heavy?

Let’s run a pellet penetration test using wet paper as the medium.

Here’s the pellets…

Pellet Penetration Test

Copperhead .177 lead pellets – I think these are 7.4 grains

Pellet Penetration Test

Blue Arrow lead-Free .177 Pellets – 6.4 grains

Pellet Penetration Test

JSB Match Exact Diablo lead .177 Pellets – 8.44 grains

Pellet Penetration Test Setup

And here’s the gun – Daisy Powerline 880.

Pellet Penetration Test Medium

Here’s the penetration test medium – water soaked soft cover book.

Pellet Penetration Test Medium

Daisy Powerline 880 with 5 pumps and a distance of 5 yards. The top hole is the Copperhead Pellet, the middle hole is the Blue Arrow pellet and the bottom is the JSB Match Exact pellet.

Pellet Penetration Test

The Crosman Copperhead pellets penetrated about 40 pages

Pellet Penetration Test Results

The Blue Arrow pellet only penetrated 6 or 7 pages.

Pellet Penetration Test Results

The JSB Match Exact .177 pellet penetrated the deepest – about 70 pages. It was the heaviest pellet at 8.44 grains.

Pellet Penetration Test Results

Here are the recovered pellets…Copperhead, Blue Arrow and then the JSB.