Big Bore Pellet Gun – Sam Yang Big Bore 909S .45 Cal

Sam Yang Big Bore 909S 45 Cal Pellet Rifle is the ultimate big game air rifle.

…45 caliber pellets for ultimate knock down power

…45 Cal 200 grain hollow point pellets

…600 fps with 200 grain pellets/bullets

…45 cal 350 grain pellets

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Watch how powerful the Sam Yang 909S air rifle is in this video. It’s incredible!

Gamo Coyote PCP Air Rifle

The Gamo Coyote PCP air rifle is attractive, well made and powerful. The wood stock is classy and very functional with checkering and a rubber recoil pad. The Coyote holds enough compressed gas for 30 shots and features a 10 shot rotary clip. Just cycle the bolt and pull the trigger. It weighs only 6.6 lbs which is fairly light…which I love. I have shot other PCP air rifles that were much heavier, like 8-9 lbs. That’s too heavy for me. I like a lightweight rifle. The wood stock does add considerable cost to a rifle but the Coyote is still affordable at $650.

Check it out.

New Gamo Air Rifles for 2015

Gamo has been busy with new innovations in the air rifle arena. The biggest news is the Gamo Coyote PCP rifle. It’s Gamo’s first Pre-charged Pneumatic air gun. PCP air guns have the advantage over break barrels in that they can continue to shoot after only cycling the bolt. It’s much faster than a break barrel gun. The Coyote is available in .177 and .22 calibers and features a beautiful wood stock. The .22 caliber Coyote has a muzzle velocity of 1,000 fps and a capacity of 30 shots before recharging. This is a high end target or hunting gun. It retails for $659.

Gamo is certainly a leader in the air gun industry and 2015 looks very exciting.

2015 News from Gamo USA Video

Crosman Big Bore Pellet Gun .357

Crosman has really stepped up to the plate with 2015’s introduction of the Bulldog .357 Pellet Gun. This is a brute of a pellet gun, firing .357 cast bullets…NOT PELLETS. It was designed for big game hunting like deer, elk, wild boar, black bear, African plains game, etc. The Bulldog is very accurate…1″ groups at 50 yards depending on the cast bullet.

The Bulldog is a PCP gun which means you have to charge it with compressed gas. It has a 5 shot magazine and can shoot 10 rounds between recharges. Cast bullet velocities reach 800 fps. The Crosman Bulldog is a serious pellet gun for serious hunters, It retails for about $999.00.

Watch this Crosman Bulldog review by Shooting USA.