Most Powerful 50 Cal Air Rifle $700

Umarex is introducing an amazing new Big Bore air rifle for 2017.

…the most powerful production air rifle

…550 grain bullets at 850 fps

…250 grain bullets at 1350 fps

…over 700 fpe for easy big game kills

…only weighs 8 lbs

…quiet…you can hunt deer in your backyard without disturbing your neighbors.

….retailing for around $700.00

Umarex Hammer .50 Cal Air Rifle

Umarex is introducing a .50 call PCP air rifle in 2017.

…all I have to say is…I gotta get one!!!!

…muzzle velocities in excess of 1,300 fps!!

…muzzle energy 700 fpe!!!

…550 grain lead pellets at 850 fps!!!

But how much is it going to cost?????

…The Umarex Hammer 50 will be around $700.

Anyway there is not much info on it yet but here is the 2017 Shot Show introduction and demonstration of the Umarex Hammer .50 cal air rifle.

Save $200 on the Benjamin .357 Cal Bulldog Hunting Pellet Gun

One of the most powerful pellet guns available is the Benjamin/Crosman Bulldog .357 Cal Pellet gun. It shoots a .357 cal lead pellet up to 800 fps. .357 cal pellets range in weight from 100 – 160 grains. This pellet gun was designed for hunting big game like deer, hogs, black bear, elk, etc.

The Benjamin/Crosman Bulldog retails for $999.00 but you can buy one online and save $200.00. Benjamin/Crosman Bulldog .357 cal PCP Pellet Gun at


Big Bore Pellet Gun – Sam Yang Big Bore 909S .45 Cal

Sam Yang Big Bore 909S 45 Cal Pellet Rifle is the ultimate big game air rifle.

…45 caliber pellets for ultimate knock down power

…45 Cal 200 grain hollow point pellets

…600 fps with 200 grain pellets/bullets

…45 cal 350 grain pellets

Save $100 on the .45 cal Sam Yang 909S Air Rifle at


Watch how powerful the Sam Yang 909S air rifle is in this video. It’s incredible!