Giveaway – New Gamo Silent Cat Pellet Gun


The last Pellet Guns giveaway was a Crosman 2100b pellet gun…and now I’m going to giveaway a brand new Gamo Silent Cat Pellet Gun in .177 cal….a $269 value!!!

How to Enter:  Send an email to giveaway(at)pelletguns1(dot)com with Silent Cat Giveaway in the subject line and your name in the body. I will select 1 winner at the end of the giveaway promotion.

****Only U.S.A. residents can apply and you must be 18 years of age or older.*****

Silent Cat Features:

-Velocity: 1200 feet per second (fps) with PBA, 1000 fps with Lead
-Single Shot
-Break Barrel: Single Cocking System, Spring piston
-Automatic Cocking Safety system
-Manual Trigger safety
-Barrel: Fluted, Polymer Jacketed Rifled Steel
-Non-removable noise dampener (with up to 52% reduction)
-Cocking Effort: 30 lbs
-Trigger: Second Stage adjustable
-Manual Safety

Gamo Blue Flame Non-Lead Hunting Pellets

Need a non-lead high performance hunting pellet for your air rifle?

…that will maximize tissue destruction and provide humane kills?

…take a look at Gamo Blue Flame Pellets.

The hard blue poly tip forces rapid expansion, maximum tissue destruction and humane kills. The non-lead composition is safe for the environment. Get some now…Gamo Blue Flame Hunting Pellets at

Gamo Blue Flame Hunting Pellet Features

  • Blue Polymer tip for rapid expansion
  • 177 caliber
  • Quantity: package of 100
  • Style: Polymer tip
  • Material: non-lead (eco-friendly)
  • Hyper velocity for extended range and maximum shock
  • Ultra-light 5.4 grain

Gamo Blue Flame Product Info Video

Daisy Powerline 880 Rebuild Kit

Does your Daisy Powerline 880 pellet gun leak air or doesn’t hold a charge after pumping? You might need to rebuild the pneumatic system which entails replacing some seals. It’s fairly simple to do and doesn’t cost much. Here’s where to by the kit…Daisy Powerline 880 Rebuild Kit at

Daisy Powerline 880 Rebuild Kit

This kit is for the newer Daisy Powerline 880’s with the aluminum pump tube. The older models had the brass pump tube. The rebuild kit¬†includes new O-rings for the pump tube and pump head, new O-ring for the exhaust valve, new foam oil wiper and a new pressure chamber seal assembly. This kit will make the 880 like new.

Daisy Powerline 880 Accuracy

Let’s talk about Daisy Powerline 880 pellet gun accuracy. Most think it would be poor since the Powerline is all plastic and relatively cheap in price. But this is not always the case with cheap pellet guns.

This target explains or demonstrates the accuracy of the Daisy Powerline 880 pellet gun pretty well (5 shots with open sights)….any questions?

I have had a Daisy Powerline 880 pellet gun for about 8 years now and still shoot regularly and love it. I bought it at Walmart for $35. I’ve always wanted one since I was a kid but wasn’t able to buy one back then. Here’s a link if you want to get one….Daisy Powerline 880 Pellet Gun at

Here’s the Daisy Powerline 880 on my shooting bench in my backyard. I was shooting JSB and Copperhead pellets.

Another 5 shot group with open sights and 53 year old eyes.


Excellent 5 Shot Group with JSB Match Pellets

JSB Match Diabolo pellets are awesome. I have been shooting the Jumbo Monsters in my Gamo Hornet Maxxim pellet gun with great satisfaction. They are very accurate and hit really hard. These Monster pellets weight a whopping 25 grains compared to the standard 15 grain .22 cal pellets. These heavy weights are great for hunting small game.

Check out this 5 shot group…

My first shot went dead center of the red dot….very lucky.

This is my 5 shot group with the Gamo Hornet Maxxim. It measures a little over 1/2″. If I take out the very first shot, I would have a dime size 4 shot group. This is very impressive.

Let’s look at the JSB Match Diabolo Jumbo Monster pellets.

These are some really heavy weight .22 cal pellets…at 25 grains. They fit perfectly in the Gamo Hornet’s chamber and are extremely accurate..

Deer Hunting With an Air Rifle?

Can you hunt deer with an air rifle?

..short answer is YES.

The Epox Badger is a .40 cal PCP air rifle that shoots 180-252 grain hollow point pellets and can take deer out to 75 yards. The 180 grain pellet does about 800 fps while the 252 grain pellet does 700 fps. The Badger can shoot 3 pellets without a recharge. The 40 cal Badger retails for $700.00

Watch this deer hunt video featuring the Epox Badger .40 cal air rifle.

Great 3x-9x x 32 mm Pellet Gun Scope

Believe it or not scopes for air rifles and pellet guns need to be well constructed because of the recoil. The spring actions and/or gas actions of most break barrels will generate some quick recoil forces. It will destroy most cheap scopes.

So what is a good scope for a powerful air rilfe or pellet gun like the Gamo Hornet Maxxim or Gamo Fusion Pro?

….The UTG 3-9 x 32 mm Bugbuster Scope.

UTG makes some really good quality rifle scopes and they do hold up to the recoil of air rifles. The UTG 3-9 x 32 mm Bugbuster is a great scope for pellet guns and air rifles.

Here are the specifications:

  • Inch Tube with Emerald Coating for Maximum Light Transmission
  • Premium Zero Lockable & Resettable Turrets with 1/4 MOA Per Click Adjustment
  • Range Estimating Mil-dot Reticle for Optimal Aiming and Shooting Performance
  • Adjustable Objective from 3 Yards to Infinity
  • Red/Green Dual Illumination for Versatile Applications
  • Large Field of View and Most Accommodating Eye Relief for Optimum Critical CQB Mission
  • 2″ Sunshade
  • High Quality Flip-open Lens Caps and Quick-detachable Rings
  • Built on True Strength Platform
  • Completely Sealed and Nitrogen Filled
  • Shockproof, Fog proof and Rainproof

The UTG BugBuster 3-9 x scope is a real bargain at under $80. If you are interested in a good 3-9 power scope for your air rifle or pellet gun then check it out here….UTG 3-9×32 mm BugBuster AO, RGB Mil Dot and QD Rings at

Is the Gamo Hornet Maxxim Quiet?

The Gamo Hornet Maxxim pellet gun is pretty powerful….850 fps with .22 cal pellets. So we would expect it to be pretty loud right?

Gamo uses an amazing barrel and suppressor to dampen or suppress noise and YES it does work…IMO.

My Gamo Hornet Maxxim is still in the break-in period so it should get quieter but it’s not too bad right now. I used an app on my smart phone to measure the sound. Here’s what the app looks like…

It works really well. The readings above are not from my testing.

I was shooting .22 cal 25 grain JSB pellets in my backyard. Here are the results:

…73 dB at 18″ from the muzzle. Remember this is very close to the muzzle so your neighbors will hear much less.

Here are some sounds to compare this with.

  • 134 dB – .22 LR
  • 120 dB – fire engine siren
  • 140 dB – jet plane takeoff
  • 35-45 dB – humans talking
  • 45 dB – hand clapping
  • 65 dB – Daisy Powerline 880 with 10 pumps and .177 pellets